Initial configuration of the Sonoff-Tasmota devices

  1. Power up the sonoff device. The device will create a WIFI access point with the name sonoff-xxx, where xxx is some number
  2. On your computer, change your wifi network to sonoff-xxxx and browse to
  3. Enter the details of your WIFI network and click save.
  4. The device will restart and get an IP address from your the DHCP server of your network.
  5. On your computer, change your wifi network back to your wifi network
  6. Use the Tasmota Device Locator or your router to find the IP address of the device.
  7. Browse to the IP address of the RF bridge.
  8. Go into "Configuration"
  9. Go into "Configure Module"
  10. Select Module Type, according to note below and press "Save". Now the RF Bridge is configured as such.
  11. To get to the main menu of the RF Bridge, browse to the IP address of the RF bridge.
  12. In "Configuration" it is now possible to specify MQTT and other parameters

Note: Values for configuration of module type

  • RF Switch: Sonoff RF 2
  • Temperature/Humidity monitor: Sonoff TH 4
  • Power Monitor: Sonoff Pow 6
  • S20 Smart switch: Sonoff S2x 8
  • RF Bridge: Sonoff Bridge 25
  • Smart Bulb: AiLight 27

For the temperature/humidity monitor, you also need to specify the sensor type, e.g. AM2301.