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How do I know which 433MHz products are compatible?

Check the specifications for frequence, modulation and coding. They must match, e.g. 433MHz, ASK and Fixed.

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Where do you deliver and how quickly?

We deliver free in all of EU using our standard courrier, which takes 14-18 days.

In Spain we can also do express delivery for most products in 2-3 days.

Do you sell products with the standard ITead Sonoff EweLink software?

No we do not sell Sonoff products with the EweLink software.

What is ESPurna?

ESPurna ("spark" in Catalan) is a custom firmware for ESP8285/ESP8266 based smart switches, lights and sensors.

It supports a number of SONOFF devices and feaures e.g. mqtt and Home Assistant integration.

You may find more information on github.

What is Sonoff-Tasmota?

Sonoff-Tasmota is an lternative open source firmware for ESP8266 based devices such as iTead SonoffAllterco Shelly and many, many more.

It provides local control, new features and easy integration with home automation systems.

You may find more information on github

hello, I got your sonoff basic with tasmota. How can I rest it to factory defaults ? thank you Nicola


On delivery it is already in factory reset state.

If you want to factory reset afterwords, check this link Tasmota Button Usage

Long press

When held continuously for 40 seconds (Configurable with SetOption32, value is 10x the configured hold time) Tasmota will reset to firmware defaults and restart.

Initial configuration of the RF 433MHz to WIFI Bridge
  1. Power up the RF Bridge. The RF Bridge will create a WIFI access point with the name sonoff-xxx, where xxx is some number
  2. On your computer, change your wifi network to sonoff-xxxx and browse to
  3. Enter the details of your WIFI network and click save.
  4. The RF Bridge will restart and get an IP address from your networks DHCP server.
  5. On your computer, change your wifi network back to your wifi network
  6. Browse to the IP address of the RF bridge
  7. Go into "Configuration"
  8. Go into "Configure Module"
  9. Select Module Type "Sonoff Bridge 25" and press "Save". Now the RF Bridge is configured as such.
  10. To get to the main menu of the RF Bridge, browse to the IP address of the RF bridge.
  11. In "Configuration" it is now possible to specify MQTT and other parameters

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Using the TWS I12

1*Tap: Start/Stop music

2*Tap: Left: Increase volume, Right: Decrease volume

3*Tap: Left: Previous, Right: Next

Long press 3 seconds: Start assistant