Sonoff TH16 Temperature and Humidity MQTT Switch with ESPurna Firmware


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Sonoff TH16 WIFI Switch with Temperature and Humidity Sensors running ESPurna software

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22,99 € tasse incl.

Scheda tecnica

Voltage 90-250V (50/60Hz)
Maximum current 16A
WIFI standard 802.11b/g/n
Software Sonoff-Tasmota
Color White
Size 114mmx51mmx32mm


Support for sensors AM2301, DS18B20 and SI7021. Sensors are not included.

This product is based on the Sonoff TH16, but has the ESPurna software. EweLink is NOT supported.


    What is ESPurna?

    ESPurna ("spark" in Catalan) is a custom firmware for ESP8285/ESP8266 based smart switches, lights and sensors.

    It supports a number of SONOFF devices and feaures e.g. MQTT and Home Assistant integration.

    You may find more information on github.

    Beware that it requires effort and IT skills to configure and integrate ESPurna devices with home automation systems. This is not products for novices.